the great white north has no snow…

May 22, 2011


Another wonderful sunrise…..what more can I say?

Hudson, Wi is just over the Mississippi river from the twin cities. I had a Pre/Plan already to pick up in the morning. Arrive on time and was loaded quickly. Now how fast can I get through the morning traffic as I head South to Kansas City? It’s bumper to bumper, with no relieve in sight. About 45minutes into my drive, I get a phone call telling me the wrong product was loaded and I needed to go back to the warehouse.

Fortunately, the paperwork and weight of the load were correct. The guy just loaded the wrong product. It was sitting right next to my load and was to be loaded later this morning. But I was loaded quickly and on my way. The traffic has cleared out and it’s a pretty fast run through town.

The trees in front of the warehouse are just beautiful. The white one is dropping it’s pedals and the wind is blowing them around. It looks like large flakes of snow.

This is a good thing as I don’t have a lot of hours still for the day. I may not make it to my chosen overnight stop. I plan every step of my trip. Where I’ll fuel and scale the load is necessary. And most important to me is where I’ll stop for the night. Along the highway on an on or off ramp doesn’t make for a restful night. A shopping center works fine, IF they’ll allow it. Yet many do not. Even stores some big-box hardware stores won’t allow trucks in the lot. WalMart is very good about allowing us in but we have to fight all the 4-wheeler traffic as well. And one never knows when someone will park in front of you, go shopping and box you in. I’m really aware of where I park and what could be in my way in the morning.

I have to cut this trip short about an hour and stop at a rest area south of Kansas City. I’m about out of hours but most importantly to me, it’s getting late and there may not be a parking place at the t/s I was headed to. So, this will work fine. I take a 30min walk, eat some dinner and find there is no internet coverage here either.

Tomorrow will be a good day, I’ll get started early, and head out towards Tucumcari, NM for tomorrow night. They have good parking and lots of it.

A picture of the gardens around the freeways of the Twin Cities.

Take care, there’ll be more to come.


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