the Peaks have snow…

May 22, 2011


In Flagstaff tonight and there is snow on three of the peaks above the city. It’s about 70degrees and windy. I’m sure tonight it’ll get cold. I can’t wait.

Yesterday morning coming through Wichita, KS, the weather was dark and rainy. The thunder clouds were full of water and lighting was striking all around me. There was a band of rain storms headed east, towards the wet South.

Had a god drive in AZ, but was up tooooo early and was really tired all day. I even stopped and took a 30min ‘power nap’. I’m not sure how much power there was, I was still tired as I left the rest area.

I’m in Little America t/s and was really looking forward to having a good Mexican dinner. But they changed the whole menu since the last time I was here. So, it’s dinner in the truck again [pasta and sauce with a salad].

Need some sleep, so it’ll be send off the posts, eat dinner and get to bed. Sorry they are so late.

Enjoy your weekend!


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