lovely day to be in SoCal…

May 25, 2011

Arrived in SoCal, Ontario, CA, Monday afternoon and after delivering my trailer headed to the repair shop to have my 5th wheel plate looked at. Of course it was too late in the day to get to it today, first thing in the morning I was told. Turns out I need a new 5th wheel plate. And the cracked windshield will be replaced at the same time. Unfortunately, I have enough money in my maintenance fund.

Wednesday morning the 5th wheel plate arrives and is installed before 9am. I head over to the trailer yard looking for a trailer and find a new one to take. I’m now ready to roll, I need to, I’ve been sitting for 2 days.

The load offer is picking up today, 25th, delivering in Fargo ND on the 31st. The problem is that’s a 3 ½ day drive. And then I sit for over 2 days. After further discussions with my fleet mgr., telling him there’s too much time on it, I turn it down. The next load offer is picking up today, delivering in Panama, Iowa Sat, 28th. A good load, enough time and hopefully I can get a reload out of there on Sat or Sun before the holiday.

But the load won’t scale legal, it’s too heavy on the trailer end. So back to the shipper I head, to have them reload the trailer so it’s legal. But rather then remove all the load and reload it, they just take off 4000#s. But it scales legal, and doesn’t matter to me. However, this takes all afternoon.

Rather than fight the LA traffic out of town, I decide to spend the night in Ontario and get a real early start in the morning. So, it’ll be off to I40 on my way to the land of Dorothy and beyond. Hopefully the bad weather will blow out of there for me.

till later…


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