just another day on the road…

May 30, 2011

Another beautiful sunrise over the mountains of NM near Gallup. I just love the way storm clouds are covering up the morning sun. So many formations, shadows and imagines. Can you make any animals out of them. I got 2!

A load out of Ontario, CA headed for Panama, IA , north of Omaha. But the load wouldn’t scale, so I had to take it back to the shipper and have them reload it. Lost 4-5 hours of driving time. I decided to stay in Ontario for the night and get an early start before LA woke up and head out. However, LA has a traffic crowding problem 24-hours a day it seems.

Big race day on Sunday, Starting with the F1 race in Monaco, then the Indy 500 and on Monday is the GrandAm Rolex race from VA. And on Sunday night the Charlotte 600 will be run. Probably won’t get the 500 but the rest I’ll listen too.

This was so cool. I think this contail is from a missile. There was no plane around. It was visalble for a long time. And there was a lot of it, unlike a plane.

A sweet town in southern KS, Bucklin, population not many. They had one school complex and it was called a Community School Building! But it was started in the early 30’s, making it very old.
Bucklin, KS, 1936 just an old building with lots of history and memories.

The local Methodist church, started in 1936.

Now this is an old city hall 1912 City Hall – same year AZ became a State

Just a cool rebuilt Mustang, a few of the pieces didn’t fit the year but still looked very cool

The weather has been pretty easy on me. No twisting things out of the clouds so far. Just rain, clouds and lighting. The run into Panama was easy, straightforward with an easy drop and hook. But I don’t have a trailer, so will have to find one in Des Moines, IA tomorrow. But tonight I’m headed to a dirt short track in Harlan, IA. A double feature due to a couple of weeks of rain outs. I’ve parked the truck under some large old oak trees and will spend the night here.

Hope all are well.


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