from east to west…

June 1, 2011

Early morning clouds.

Lots of hard rain, lots of lighting and very dark clouds.

A load to Panama, IA was quick and an easy drop and hook. I had a 303 miles dead head to pick up my next load in Eagan, MN. The 1875miles back to the wonderful land of fruits and nuts once again.

Only one race yesterday, GrandAm Rolex from Limerock, CN in New England. One of the oldest road racing tracks in the country. I listened from start to finish. My favorite drivers were involved in an accident on lap 9 and finished 6th. But are still leading the championship. And the drivers I dislike the most had a DNF. Oh, so sad….

Good looking custom built cropper. Very cool

There’s still lots of water in the fields around the Mississippi River. The fields around the Missouri River are flooding also. This is up-stream from Omaha, so Omaha wouldn’t flood.

On a trip through the mountains west of Kingman, AZ there are these formations made when hot lava breaks the earth’s surface and begins to cool as it boils up over itself. I just love nature!

In Panama I found this turtle, just a turtle…hitching a ride

This the way they clean trailers at a transfer location in Panama, IA. Airplanes are actually washed in a similar fashion.

The storms that were so big and bad going to MN were gone by the time I came back through Des Moines before heading West to Cheyenne.

I ran into huge hail, really heavy rain and lighting on my way there. Then 30 minutes later it was clear blue skies. And I had a pretty clean truck…washed by Mother Nature! BTW – I had to break out the sleeping bag in Cheyenne, down to 36 last night….burrrrr.

Tonight, I’m in Fillmore, UT, 150miles south of SLC on I15. Cloudy, cool and there are lots of flies waiting in the fields I’m parked next to for me to get out of my truck so they can invade my home. I think I’ll wash the windshield tomorrow and leave the flies right where they are.

Headed to Ontario, CA to deliver Wednesday early afternoon. Will probably only have about 2 hours left out of my 70 to drive on. Then will only have 6 hours to drive on Thursday. Hope I don’t get a load until Friday morning, because then I’ll have my 70 hours back. Confused yet? I sure am.


2 Responses to “from east to west…”

  1. Jordan said

    cool custom bike? too funny!

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