a long slow ride out of Eden…

June 9, 2011

The sun’s coming up over the NM desert, west of Gallup. There was smoke in the valley east of the AZ/NM border and ran almost to Gallup. The red cloud turned out to be smoke from the fires in NE AZ.

Coming into Ontario was pretty easy, not a lot of traffic. I turned down a load going to MN because I didn’t have the hours on Thursday to even pick it up. When they didn’t have another for me Wednesday, I knew I’d be doing a 34-reset of my hours. Friday I turned down a great load to FL because the only thing coming out of FL this time of year are plant loads. Usually, WallyWorld, 35k’s of little plants, that the driver has to carry to the end of the trailer. For $15 a drop, usually 18-22 drops per load. Way to much work for my back, regardless of what they would pay!

Up on I80 headed to Cheyenne, WY, this huge storm cloud developed, dropping a lot of hard rain and gold ball size hail. I thought for sure I’d break my brand-new windshield. I drove out of the storm in about 45minutes.

Picked up 40k’s of Hormel Chili Friday afternoon. Stayed in Ontario Friday night and left early Sat morning. Ran hard all weekend to set myself up to roll into Davenport IA early Tuesday morning.

A picture of hail hitting the windshield. Hail on my windshield, my newly replaced windshield.

Not sure where I’ll go to next. Probably back to SoCal if the pattern stays the same.

Stay safe friends, play hard but be nice, do something this summer you’ve always wanted to do. Make all the work you put in all year worth-while…you’ll always have the memories.

A really long truck and trailer carrying a big load. The rear of the trailer is controlled by remote control either by the truck driver or the trailing pilot car. The trailer will fold up on top of itself, to about ¼ the size as seen. This type of load pays up to $10-15/mile depending on type of load and distance. Pretty cool.


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