were not going to take it….

June 12, 2011

This post is an Editorial focused on the shape America is in because the majority of us have been standing quietly on the sidelines for too long. I’m hoping lots of people read this, because, I believe this has to be said. This is my soap box. Enjoy the pictures, they are real, I took them. The opinions are real, they’re mine also.

‘Were not going to take it’, the single hit song Twisted Sister had. The song’s aimed at an overbearing father who is telling his song to shape up. The kid just wants to ‘ROCK’. Thus…we’re not going to take it.

First recorded in the early 80’s, the message is just as good today. However, Americans seem to be willing to take anything that’s told them and then go about whatever they were doing. WE have become so busy whatever we’re doing, we don’t see what’s happening to our beloved America. We have become the willing frog.

I got out of the truck to get some ice cream, it was hot in IA and I thought it would taste good. I got back into the truck and see this butterfly on a wash towel. I thought it was dead but it wasn’t. Just resting I guess! When I was done with the photo shoot, I gently held its wings and dropped him out the window. He fell and then flew away.

In Big Springs, NE, close to the CO and WY border, I found what was left of this truck. The fire did a good job of burning it to the ground. I hope the guy had insurance. Which someone probably had as he trailer and freight were still attached. Waiting for someone to show up and determine what happened.

The governor of Texas is asking the state to pray for the country. Perry is inviting all 49 governors to join him in Houston to pray and “call upon Jesus to guide us through unprecedented struggles,” he says on the event’s website, called “The Response.” I think he should take it a step further. WE are a nation of different faiths, with people who believe in a God other than the one we pray to. We have to put the difference in our ‘God’ aside and ask everyone to join together in asking ‘God’ to heal this land. We have to take back this land from those who are trying to make it the largest third-world country on earth. WE have to come together and ask God for another chance to be one nation under God. And then let God sort out who is going to be King!


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