what have YOU done for …

June 24, 2011

We have to start sharing with others how we feel about the country we grew up in. The one we are proud of. Remember the words of JFK? WE are a nation of exceptional people, full of people who could do anything when they set their minds to it. Yet, we need some help to get back there.

The start of a new day. The first day of our fight to build the America we know for our kids.

One of the benefits I hadn’t thought of when I started driving across this wonderful country is that I would actually get to SEE it. It is beautiful, all of it. America was blessed with an ever changing landscape. It doesn’t look the same when you see it from either direction. Last week I was driving a route I’ve been over at least a dozen times, back and forth. Yet, on this trip I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. [And ask people who’ve ridden with me, I tend to watch the scenery more than the road]. I never get bored looking at what I’m driving through. The land, the cities, the people. Together it all makes up this country.

A song could be written about the beauty this land has to offer us.

A storm comes up over the valley.

I start everyday praying as I drive down the road. It’s usually dark still, the roads are quiet, with less traffic and as I’m surrounded by the beauty of this great country, it seems like the perfect time to give thanks and talk with God. Lately as I ask for God’s guidance upon our nation’s leaders, tears begin to flow. I can’t help myself as I fear for what we’re allowing to happen to this country. And how it affects my kids and grandkids. We have turned our back on God. It shows in the kind of nation we have become. The kind of people we are electing are a mirror image of the kind of people we have become. Regardless of who you call your God, we are not electing Godly people to govern us. Just look at the news headlines. Look at what we and the media now call as normal behavior. Yet we sit quickly on the sidelines, watching. We tell family and friends about how bad it is and yet do nothing. WE have become the frog that is slowly being cooked. We could jump out. But we don’t. Why not?

I’m writing this because I have decided to jump out. I’m sharing my ideas on how I think we can fix America. I’ll share it with anyone who will listen. And I’ll vote and encourage everyone else to also. While it’s not very much, I have to do something. I can no longer stand aside, waiting for someone else to do it.

If it’s going to change, it has to start with me!

There is light at the end of the tunnel if we all work together to take back our land and restore it to greatness!


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