some days are just like that…

June 25, 2011

There’s a storm brewin’ and it’s lookin’ pretty mean…

Just as crazy as your days are. And they’re just as boring some time. The last 3 weeks I’ve been to SoCal twice, been to Atlanta twice, the Twin Cities once, Omaha a couple of times, Mobile on the Gulf Coast and so many points in between. The sun comes up and then goes down no matter where I am. Funny how that works.

Guess where I am? Hint – It’s on one of the coasts.

I’m headed back to CA as we speak. I picked up a 3M load in Hutchinson, MN. I left Atlanta last Tuesday and emptied out this morning, 6/23. And was given a preplan right away. Which is how it should work every time. I talked with the Director of Operation last week about some of the issues I have with how things are done. It was a good conversation and it felt good to get those things out in the open. At least I felt he was listening!

Very old, narrow metal bridge crossing the Mississippi near Cairo, IL, crossing into KY.

Yesterday, 6/23, was scary. My dashboard gauges developed a ‘ghost’. That’s when the dial start to go around in circles, back and forth or run backwards. In my case they when around once and stopped at the bottom of the dial. Not a good thing! After seeing dollar signs flash before my eyes, I immediately stopped to check things out. The water temp, oil pressure, tach and speedo were acting up. I checked the water and it was OK. The oil was a little low so I added some. Everything else seemed OK and as it should be. I took off and about a mile down the road it happened again.

Some of the damage in Joplin, MO. Whole sections of this hill were missing. I didn’t get downtown where the twister slowly rolled down main street. I was told it looked like an egg beater was used and took everything with it.

This cloud formation looks so surreal. Can you find the animal in it?

This time the warning lights wouldn’t go off when I started the engine. I resat the ECM with 5quick turns of the key. It took 4 times before everything worked as it should. Leaving again, a said a quick prayer and moved into traffic. About 2 miles the road it happened again. This time I put out my red warning signs and waited for the engine to cool off. Nice the weather was about 65degrees and cloudy. After getting things started again everything seemed to be going good. About 30 minutes into this part of the afternoon, the dials went around a couple of times and before I could get stopped they went back to where they were suppose to be. Then about 15mintues later they did it again. I just kept right on cruising down the road and they straighten out.

Some pictures around the T/S just east of Cheyenne tonight.

Can you believe how clear LA is in the photo above? Blue skies, white clouds and it’s the middle of the afternoon, Monday, 6/13.

Who knows what’s going on. A friend had a company truck do the same thing for a while and every time he took it to the shop noting could be found to be causing it. Nor could they find a record on the ECM that anything had gone wrong. So, I think I wait until something really does go wrong before I take it to a shop and spent several hundred $$$ looking for something they probably won’t find. I admit I hear noises, smells and feel things that cause me to worry something is going to go wrong. Probably the price one pays when they are paying the repair bills.

A couple of very old churches in Cairo, IL.

I’m in Cheyenne, WY right now. It’s real pretty with the rain clouds hanging just off where the mountains and valley intersect. I had to take the trailer to get its annual DOT inspection. Put me a hour behind but it’ll all work out. I’m actually in a T/S tonight and it’s noisy. The weather is cool enough to leave the windows down but with all the diesels running, one can’t hear themselves think. So, I’m running the a/c.

Hope everyone is ready with their fireworks, the big day is next weekend. I wonder how many people really don’t know what July 4th means? Do you? Be care and enjoy…

The sandpaper will be in Ontario Sunday afternoon ready to go hang on the hangers of your local hardware store. Please, go buy some, you know you’ll need it soon. I can always bring more!


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