lets all just take a deep breathe…

June 30, 2011

Through the dirty windshield you can see the beauty of the morning sun coming up just north of Park City, UT

OK, let’s think about this for a minute. I’m on an overpass in SoCal 9am Monday morning. I’m waiting to get into a left turn lane, and follow the Western Express truck onto the freeway. The truck on my left is turning onto the freeway, going in the opposite way. He’s also waiting to enter the turning lane. There’s a white van in the center of the picture, to the right of the Western truck and a blue truck with a flatbed. He is trying to get around a stopped car that is properly waiting to get through the light. However, the white box van is blocking the intersection. Why, you ask? Because he forced his way into the intersection, hoping to complete his turn. But because the traffic going the opposite direction is also stopped, he couldn’t complete his turn. The blue flatbed was next to me but is trying to jump ahead of everyone else. The smaller stake bed truck is trying to follow him through the light. In the picture looking through the side mirror, notice the white truck with a black trailer that’s turning from the freeway. He also tried to force his way onto the street but couldn’t because there’s no place for him or anyone else to go. We sat here through 3 lights! I was literally laughing my head off! These stupid people, trying to get one car ahead only to be stopped for 20 minutes. Serves them right!! And this is one of several reasons I hate SoCal and why I left almost 40 years ago. Finally, someone apparently got moved and everyone was able to get out of the log jam. It was funny!

Out of SoCal with a load of A/C testing equipment I picked up in Camarillo, CA. Having to come into SoCal is really getting trying and takes more and more work on my part to do it with a smile. Driving in SoCal averages 45mph. And when you get paid by the mile I’m losing 1/3 of what I’d make on the open road. It takes so long to get anywhere, Monday it took 6 hours to go 270miles. There’s so much traffic and no one wants to be behind me, so they’re cutting in and out around me. Lots of brake usage. And most of the cars have broken turn signals, even the new ones. Someone should start a shop repairing only turn signals. They’d be swamped with customers! And the freeways are a mess. Interstate 40 east of Barstow. The freeway repairs aren’t any better. Maybe in a [good] car they’re not noticeable but in a semi, sometimes I get bounced out of my seat. Thank God for seatbelts.

And did I mention everyone is in such a hurry…just to sit longer at the next red light.

I take this to Maple Grove, MN. It’s a testing unit, one test it determines is the amount of air flow through a evp cooler used in geo-thermo heating and cooling. I was told it did many other things, too.

The load is really light. It was suppose to be 30k#’s but is only about half that. Better for me, better fuel mileage and the truck doesn’t have to work as hard.

Just a really big grass-hopper. I bet George would have paid big money for this one! Maybe a nickel….

Bees on the move to a new home…someone couldn’t make the payments…

UT was really pretty, snow still on the peaks. And from I80 in WY I can see that CO still has a lot of snow on the high peaks. And the wind is blowing up here but it’s pushing me east rather then working against me.

This is a sliding weight sleigh used in tractor pulls. The further the sleigh is pulled, the weight is transferred, causing it weight more. moved forward and weights more! Tractor pulls are really cool. Check out your local county fair and they’re probably there.

‘sheep-boys’ herding the sheep

I’ve still got my ‘ghost’. It caused the dials to spin this morning before I even put the truck in gear! Then it would correct itself. But did it a couple of times before I got back on the highway. Yesterday it did it a lot. I just continued to drive, it always corrected itself. It’s not giving a ‘fault’ report, which is a good thing. I’m looking for a special gel to spear on the EMC connection on the firewall. Hopefully that’ll fix it.

I’m in Sidney, NE near the WY border on I80, at WallyWorld for the night. It’s raining, lightning with some thunder. Oh, how much fun is that!!! Think I’ll pop some pop-corn.

Happy July 4th everyone, be safe.


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