…he’s back on the case…

July 7, 2011

The sun coming up, promising us another day…

Mannix, the forefather of ALL great TV cops and robber shows. I remember staying up and watching a show while waiting for Chrissy to join us! I bought the second season at WallyWorld last week. Watching these old shows is really funny. The clothes, cars, gun fights and wounds without blood or even bullet holes. It puts a smile on my face of simpler times, polite people and promises that all is right with our world. Except the ‘bomb’ was always there in the back ground.

Just a pretty cloud formation….

The last couple of weeks have been busy. I’ve been from coast to coast and back again. Then up to MN before heading back to SoCal again. One of these trips I’ll actually run through the house and collect my mail and see a few old friends.

The ghost in my dash has been asleep for a few days. I busted my butt driving into LA to drop a day early so I could get my windshield replaced again and have my APU looked at. The APU is fine, the windshield is clear and I have a full 70 hours on my clock. And once ready to roll and having a load to MO, my A/C decides to stop working. Which is where I’m waiting to have it repaired. They say tomorrow, tomorrow. Sounds like there could be a song in there somewhere.

Outside Cheyenne, WY. Looks like a mushroom cloud. Hanks God it’s not!

Oh, no, it looks like Mannix is in over his head. His client is turning out to be the bad guy…and he’s always getting shot at.

Ever see a bee actually stopped in flight? Buzzing outside your car?


One Response to “…he’s back on the case…”

  1. Hazel said

    I hope they didn’t charge you for the Mannix tape,DVD. lol

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