so much water under the bridge…

July 17, 2011

Coming up over Paducah, KY, the morning welcoming sun is trying to fill the Saturday sky. It’s about 75 degrees and wet, about 85% humidity. You can almost see the heat waves mixed with the wetness in the photo.

I’ve been pretty busy of late. Had a couple of back to back runs after sitting in Ontario having the A/C repaired. Now I’ll lose a day having the tire/front end checked. But I can’t take the chance of having a blow-out in the truck at 65 and will need to have any problem corrected.

I also bought season 6 of the TV show MacGyver! Wouldn’t everyone have loved to be him at one time of another!?! Well, almost everyone would love to…someone I’m pretty close to probably doesn’t even know who I’m talking about! TV has changed sooooooooooooooo much, it’s almost laughable what we enjoyed back then.

Running down the road in a lite mist I found little tiny lights flying towards me. Fireflies, lighting up the evening sky. Not so you could use the light, only see the results. I remember the kids collecting them while we lived in FL in the late ‘70’s.

A long nose ‘39 Lincoln made to look like a semi-truck. Built in Canada, it started out as a ’54 Peterbilt and has an ’85 drive line. Painted a gloss gun metal silver, it really looks like an old Lincoln town car.

One of the steer tires I bought in April is going bad, cupping real bad. I’ll have it looked at in MN on Monday. Hopefully, nothing will be wrong with the front end of the truck. I had a 3-axle alignment done in April when I bought the tires. Something else to replace…

A sunrise over NM. A few storm clouds added for color.

The upper mid-west is still under water. A few roads are still closed and I’ve had to detour around a flooded bridge or road. Or maybe detour around the whole freeway like in LA this weekend.

Sunset over northeastern Iowa while it as raining on my way to south of Chicago.

Storm clouds and rain in Flagstaff. The snow is gone but still we see God’s handy-work in the form of a double rainbow. The other half of the second rainbow is really hard to see, yet it was there. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I was broke down for the night in St. Joe, MO. having a starter replaced for the second time this year, which was under warranty. They found a problem with the key switch and that was replaced as was the starter relay. Of course they weren’t covered under any warranty!

I’m hauling 38k#s of dust to a pet food maker in MN. They’ll add it to the feed for cattle, sheep and family pets. Not just cheap feed but also good stuff, like Science Diet, I was told. Oh, the dust comes from a factory making something we all have tasted and some of us enjoy everyday…

Driving into Atlanta Thursday afternoon, I saw what had to be the modern version of taking the roosters to market. In the current situation we find ourselves in, some people are doing whatever they have to as they make ends meet. However, they may also be on their way to a cock-fight!

The same set of storms that blew thru so many towns in the south, went thru the country side northwest of Atlanta, and it takes everything in its path.

No, my shaver is not broken, thought I needed a new look. Think I’ll keep the new look for awhile, I kinda like it!

I hope everyone is doing well, your summer full of fun and family. Maybe a vacation or two over one of the summer holidays. I hope you enjoyed the photos. To really enjoy a fresh, refreshing summer dessert, try adding a ‘dusting’ of sugar from some Wrigley’s gum.


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