will you laugh as long as I did…

July 21, 2011

Another beautiful morning sun rise. The left over storm clouds from the night before. Love the way the morning sun reflected on the higher clouds and show cased the darker rain clouds behind them.

More tire problems. It seems to be a never ending bottomless pit of late. And I really don’t have any idea on what might be the problem. I had a front tire cupping on the outside edge. I flipped the tire around on itself and drove another 6-7000 miles. I had the front end looked at by an International dealer and was told everything looked OK. Not wanting to have a blow-out, I had the tire replaced on Monday morning. Bridgestone will take the old damaged tire and determine what is the problem and if it’s a defective tire, will refund some amount towards the new tire I bought. I’m not holding my breathe. The tire place [GCR] also looked at the front end and agreed everything looked OK.

I’m still not happy with the ride or amount of vibration coming out of the front end. So I took it into a Bridgestone dealer this morning in Rock Springs, WY. I have to find out what’s going on and get it repaired. As I talked with the shop foreman, I saw where the tires weren’t round on the rims, as we spun them on the hub, they moved up and down. This would account for some of the vibration. They took off the Centamatics I had on the front. They removed the balancing weights from each tire, and remounted the steers. Then they rotated all 10 tires, side to side. After that they trued the steers on the hubs, cutting off strips of tire so they are now round. Next it was a trip to the alignment station. They examined the 3-axle alignment I had done 45000 miles ago. Thankfully it was all pretty good. They made a couple of minor changes and called it finished.

I haven’t had a trailer under it yet but on the 15 miles I’ve driven it is much smoother and rides a lot nicer.

Of course, my day couldn’t end there. As I was fueling before hooking up to the trailer to leave, I noticed I had a small crack in one of the rubber radiator hoses. The radiator cap appears to be leaking and probably should be replaced. I went to a semi repair shop and they don’t have parts for an International. And neither does any other shop in Rock Springs. The closest one is in Salt Lake City, some 250 miles away. I ordered it to come in tomorrow [Thursday].

This is where I delivered the sugar dust Sunday from the gum factory. It was a mess. But there were no bugs, anywhere, and I would have thought there would have been. The boxes in the photo are the actual cardboard containers the plastic bags of sugar dust were packed in.

I then went back to the trailer and got out the pop-rivet gun I bought to repair the side cargo door. But the tool is broken, it has a working part that is broken or installed wrong. Thus it won’t ‘pop the rivet’ as it should. Back to the repair shop to have them repair the door but their ‘gun’ is missing. I went to buy another tool and it was $95 from Car Quest. I passed. I then went to Home Depot and they had 3 different styles of them. I bought the ‘best’ one. Outside I tried to repair the door and found I have the wrong size rivets. Need very large [round] ones. I returned the tool. And will go to Peterbilt in the morning to see if they can repair my door.

The storm clouds over Cheyenne as I rolled into town. It rained and dropped the temp to 65. Next morning it was 55 when I left, about 430am.

It’s been one of those days. And then my new accounting company called that my mail is still being returned to them. It’s also going back to my leasing company. Oh, well, tomorrow promises to be better. The good thing is I did take an hour walk in the beautiful sunshine of Rock Springs. It was 75 at noon today here.

And I was really hoping to be in LA tomorrow! Guess not now. But, Honey, how was your day?

While walking to the ninth hole, one psychiatrist said to his colleague, ‘Would you believe that yesterday I had a patient who claimed he heard music every time he put on his hat on?’

‘Really? What did you do?’ asked his colleague.

The first psychiatrist answered. ‘I took it away and removed the band!’

I think this is really funny…but then …


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