it was so funny….

July 26, 2011

Sunset over Sidney, NE, about 125 miles east of Cheyenne, WY. And I cleaned the windshield but you’d never know it from the ‘love-bugs’ on it.

Just watched the movie, What About Bob and laughed through the whole thing. It fits my sense of humor.

Park City, UT, sunrise. A hot air balloon is up early flying over the mountains into Salt Lake City. It came right over the freeway. I thought for a minute it was going to land on the road.

In Bereshford, SD tonight, waiting to unload in the morning. Have a load of plastic bottles they’ll recycle into drainage hose that farmers use under their fields to help with drainage. It’s also used in football fields, parks, etc, anywhere they want to drain water away from something. I picked it up in SoCal on late Friday afternoon.

I didn’t have to sit anytime at all after unloading in SoCal. It was another successful load of sandpaper from 3M waiting to go to your local Home Depot.

This is a pretty long trailer, 12 axles, 8 tires per axle. Probably carries 275 or 300,000#’s. My truck can carry 80k. It had a puller truck and a pusher truck. It hinges in 6 places.

The truck is rolling smooth and straight after having the tires trued and front end aligned in Rock Springs, WY last week.

The Mississippi River was flooding and they flooded the farms north of Omaha. This sand bags were keeping the water from flooding the highway. Where were 2 bridges out in Omaha and my detour was 50miles around. One farm house had been built way above the surrounding farm land but when the land was flooded, it cut off access to the house. It looked pretty funny, an island in the middle of a ‘lake’ with a house on it.

And I have a P/P for tomorrow. I pick up a load of turkey meat going to Louis Rich in Newberry, SC for Friday.


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