so you think you’re hot

August 3, 2011

Yes, this is the sun just coming up over the hills. Don’t remember where it was but probably in KY or TN.

But are you wet? I’m in South Carolina, it’s 104 and raining!!!! Three days later I’m in KC, MO and it’s 112 and dry as Phx usually is, 12%. Right now, in a DOT inspection scale yard east of KC, MO with an ‘Out of Service’ trailer, waiting for a repair truck. The air bags that hold the rear of the trailer up were not working correctly, meaning they were flat. Not good! You might be asking, how did you not know they were flat? Well, I did, kinda. I evened out the weight in Dalton, GA Monday night. The truck was bouncing a little more than normal, as they will sometimes. Meaning the load is a little heavier in the rear. But it wasn’t real bad. Then this morning I noticed the air bags were very low during my walk-around inspection. There was nothing I could do at that time except call a road service to repair them. But knowing the company, they would have wanted me to simply take it to one of our yards for repairs. That would have cost me a lot of time. Time and travel I’m not paid for. So I risked taking it to the drop off point and let the company fix it from that point. Without me. Usually no big deal, as I usually get ‘green’ lighted’ thru the scales. But not this time. At a DOT inspection point, it’ll get fixed here, faster because the road service is usually more knowledgeable. Yes, I’m waiting but I’ll rearrange my trip, spend the night right here and leave in the morning.

SO much water everywhere. I was still having to take detours 10 days after I last reported. This was taken just the other day and still the highways are a mess. Poor farmers.

The really good thing is my truck was inspected at the same time and it passed!!!! One always thinks their vehicle is in good working order, but do we really ever know? While I look it over every morning, knowing me, there’s probably something I missed. But not this time. Or at least not today.

Headed to Omaha, NE with a load of carpet to drop about noon on Wednesday. Not sure after that. I’m in a ‘discussion’ with my fleet manager about getting me a load thru Phx. I need to get my HazMat endorsement. I’ve found that those companies that are paying more require it. I’m looking to move again. I have to find a company where I can keep more of the freight bill and fuel surcharge that is paid. I have a couple of companies in mind that are well thought of but all require the HazMat.

Please be praying for Tom and Chrissy. His dad had a massive stroke last week and wasn’t doing well. He was going to Hospice care last time I spoke with Chrissy.

Aaron has finished his Masters in Business Administration and Ethic from Southern Nazarene University in OKC. He completed his BS in Business in May of ’09. So he’s really been working his butt off improving his education. And he changed jobs in the middle of the Masters. Both degrees were from brick and motor colleges rather than ‘paper mills’. From experience I know this will pay off for him in the long run. I couldn’t be more proud of what’s he’s accomplished.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The weather’s been pretty hot and it’s raining in a lot of places, but hey, you wouldn’t want it to be snowing in July would you?


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