you busy dyin’…

August 10, 2011

Again the clouds were beautiful, full of bright thunder heads grouped together as if ready to do battle. A mixture of blues make up the background. A dry Texas dirt is preparing to give footing for all those who are willing to cross it.

Friends shouldn’t be people we only miss after the connection is broken. They should be like a garden we’ve planted before standing in the middle taking in a most wonderful feeling. Almost like family but better. As you get to choose what you kind you want to plant and harvest.

Movies are like other people’s lives taking shape before us. As we wonder why life gets in the way of ours being the silver screen? The plays of Broadway seems like rehearsals for the time we count down daily. Which one of us could stand in the rain, singing and dancing without fear of rejection? Do we really have enough of what it takes? No matter how we play the game, or as many times we rerun the movie or watch the play, we run out of time.

As the play clock runs down to the last quarter, we begin to play with more energy. The last act waits to reveal how the story should make sense to us. And only when we’ve watched the movie for the fourteenth time do we understand where it was headed from the first screen.

Do we ever have enough of anything we really need or want? Those we think we are closest to, are too busy to be of much help. Let alone lend a helping hand without being asked. I’ve found friends are here for only a season of our lives. And yet it’s usually been really my fault. The island was built a very long time ago. Yet some are fortunate enough to have the same childhood friends 40 years late. It’s only when we have forgotten them do we miss them. Then through tears of remorse we wonder how to connect again. Yet all in vein.

Was it during our early years we develop how we would view the world? Are we influenced by something someone has done or said? And how did we choose that which is most important to us? What we realize as adults was simply basic youth conflicts, those we’ll battle for a lifetime. Or maybe that’s the age we decide how to face all that is against us. What battles to fight, which paths to take. Without knowing the where’s or how’s, we set our paths early on. Then forever wonder why we have chosen either. I bet most of us couldn’t explain to a stranger the why’s of the path we have walked. Or are we running along this path? As fast as we can, trying to stay just one step ahead of our own image? What would you say, where would you start? Are there flies on the wall for that conversion?

So, are we busy dying rather then living? Have we been running so fast, we’ve run out of time to smell the roses? Or did we never even see them? The process towards the end start the day we begin. We all start on the same page, and all end on the same page. And the story has always been between the pages. We have no choice in the matter. It’s been decided for us. Regardless of who or what you chose to believe in, the same questions are repeated. The same answers are given. Live a good and worthwhile life, do good toward others. Believe in Me and you will have everlasting life.
Regardless of when or if you’ve decided, the simply act of living our lives is full of roadblocks, detours, valley and mountain tops. Choked full of being pulled this way and pushed that way. In the end, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Sadness, pure joy, ecstasy, happiness and the simple act of feeling alive are all feelings we’re allowed.

We talk about our ’dreams’, those things we want to do, those important to us. I asked my son this week if he has dreams. Did he have a plan to fulfill his dreams? Did he have a ‘bucket list’ he should be starting on? But a plan is not enough because there is a clock of our lives that’s always ticking. A ‘couple’ friends of mine, are fulfilling theirs and so are some of you.

Let me suggest you stop long enough to tell someone you haven’t talked to in awhile that you’re glad you’re friends. Maybe tell someone the ‘why’ of why you love them. Make time for someone this week, maybe a total strange. You may be the only person to show them a caring heart this week. Your heart will be full when you share it with someone.

Whose time is almost up? Whose curtain call will you miss? Will your name be in their movie credits?

Or as Andy said …get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’


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