August 14, 2011

and the rat died…

Pretty blue sky mixed with white billowy clouds, thunder heads, rain clouds as they slide over and around the mountains of UT.

So, enough with the strange writings. I was just writing what I was feeling, were ever it took me. It probably didn’t make ANY sense to the reader. And today, it may not even to me. But as I visualize it in my head and put it on paper, it makes perfect sense. There’s a message or meaning in the words. A story that’s deeper than the actual words we read. Some of it is supposed to be deeper than the usual meaning of the words. Like life, the meaning is a puzzle.

Pulling out of the truck stop in Jamestown, NM. I love the reflection of the mountains in the pool of water. I think it’s a drainage pond for the gas refinery behind me as I take the photo.

The End by Jim Morrison, The DOORS, 1967. It is a very strange song, with various meanings depending on where your head was at at the time. Or ‘on’ at the time. [But then I’ve never taken an illegal drug, so I really wouldn’t know!] Written in the tone of the 60’s during one of Jim’s many ‘dark’ periods. It can be very deep or just strange and meaningless.

I’ve seen sunsets and sunrises in half of the states. Winter and summer; fall and spring. I’ve seen them from both coasts, over the Gulf and even Canada. But day in and day out, Phx, AZ has the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen. Probably has a lot to do with the heat off the desert floor as it raises up to meet the moisture in the clouds as it blends together to filter out the sun.
Looking west and south towards South Mountain from Tolleson, AZ.

I think it strange for a Christian boy attending what he thought to be an upper-middle-class Baptist High School to be inspired by such a song. Part of a collection, is a poem titled ‘And the Rat Died’, probably written during Spanish or English class. I’m finding my granddaughter to have some of the same ‘dark’ bends to her writings. It could be a gene thing. Or maybe just the simple expressions of exploring our youth without a clear path to follow.

It’s raining in Fillmore, UT, about 167miles inside the UT border headed to Salt Lake City. The clouds are rolling in to cover the mountain tops. It was almost 100 before the rains came. Now it’s a wonderful 79. So much for the truck wash I got in CA yesterday.

I pulled a load of luncheon meats out of IA into West Phx last week. It was a load to get me home to test for a HazMat endorsement on my license. Yes, I passed. The TSA will run their background search on me and then issue me the stamp.

And I saw a couple I lived next door to in Goodyear. Good visit catching up on their world cruise and his health concerns. Didn’t get to see a couple of other people but maybe next time I will. Had dinner with my brother and his wife; time spent with family is always good. Our time left here may be short.

Errands to run, docs to see, a haircut, put together quarterly paperwork for my new accountant [mailed it], wash clothes and just driving around doing the errands is very time consuming. Spent 2 days just running around it seemed. Glad to get back on the road just to relax and get some sleep.

Headed to DeKalb, IL with a load from 3M in Ontario, Ca. Hope it’s not sandpaper! Not sure where I’ll go next.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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