in a heartbeat…

August 22, 2011

As usual my first picture will be of a …….. sunrise!!!! Big surprise there. The sunrise turns out OK in the picture but is so much more real and thus prettier in person. I see the various shades of light through the could cover. The sun is trying to break through and looks like a glowing red spark of fire blowing in the wind. The clouds cut it in half, causing the clouds to take on a glow all their own. It’s so cool, and changes constantly as I drive toward it. Probably because the angles that I see keep changing. And as the sun is growing higher in the sky, the cloud formations would be different. I just loving starting my day watching something man will never be able to reproduce. Notice the sun is just trying to break through the top section of the clouds. The next photo, same morning, watching the same sunrise; the dark clouds are hiding the top part of the sun, showing us only the glow of red between the clouds and the earth’s edge.

Sun rise again, check out the red fire ball just showing itself….

They are rebuilding a bridge in Park City, UT. And I had a short detour around it.

We all know our world can change in a heartbeat. Most of the time it has changed for the worst when we hear that phase. Most of us relate it to losing a loved one. Aside from a spiritual awakening, I’ve never experienced this type of change. I haven’t seen the movie ‘The Blind Side’ yet, and haven’t read the book. But I did just finish the story behind why the whole Tuohy family does what they do. The ‘why’ behind them stopping and talking to Michael that first day. It’s titled, In a Heartbeat. It’s an easy read and would probably change how you think about your ‘giving’. I know why the movie and book are titled as they are. However, don’t know why they titled this book as they did. I guess it’s because in only a heartbeat their life and Michael’s was changed forever.

The Mississippi River in MN.

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy. Because it will [I hope] change your life.

A really big Pheasant! A sign says it’s the world’s largest pheasant. And they should know as SD hunts more pheasants [they say] than any other place in the country. But then you’ve seen this photo before!

BUT have you been up close and personal with a windmill blade? ON a trailer? Going 70mph?

Hope everyone had a good summer. In some parts of the country it’ll be over soon and people will be wearing their coats, gloves and hats again. Take care.


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