simple beauty…

September 4, 2011

This rainbow appeared in front of the Speedco I had my truck service done at this afternoon. It was so bright and had a full range of typical rainbow colors. The cool thing, which I couldn’t get on film, was it touched the earth on both ends right above my head. So cool.

I stopped to fix myself something to eat and noticed I had a passenger. There was a pretty serious car accident near Flagstaff today that delayed me about 2 hours. I had the windows rolled down because it was a pretty nice day. As the crowd I was rolling with crept along this little butterfly must have flew in the opened window. I was playing on my [mouth] harp and simply didn’t notice this beautiful little creature joining me. He was hiding somewhere because I didn’t see him until I stopped 40 miles up the road

toward NM. When I saw him I turned to get my camera and he was gone. I looked around but I didn’t find him. Yet about 2 hours later as I was driving down the highway, from the corner of my eye I catch this flash heading towards me. Reacting to it, I ducked and twisted my head out of the way, not knowing what it could be. But he landed on my dash, then moved to the window before hopping to the seat. He would fly around awhile then land. Rest his little wings while he looked for another place to fly to. I believe butterflies don’t live very long I want him get outside and experience the great outdoors again. While I was no longer in the high country around Flag, I could help him escape the truck. It took several tries but he finally realized he could fly out the window I opened. He took a deep breathe, steadied himself against the wind coming in the window and jumped to freedom. While I wasn’t quick enough to see but I’m sure he waved as he left the confinement of my truck. I hope he finds his way back to his family in Flagstaff before the snows come. But then being Flagstaff, it may not snow this year!

I left Mesa this morning heading to Blue Springs, MO with injectable meds. I was in town only long enough to find/fill out paperwork I needed to send to the new trucking company I’m hoping to join soon. But I couldn’t find the title to the truck so had to send away to IL for it. Oh, well, this will delay my start. However, I believe it’ll be well worth the wait.


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