why is it working now…

September 27, 2011

Sunrise over New Mexico, but then it could be Texas, too. They all blend together. But nonetheless, the wonder of another day is truly amazing. And better than not having the chance of seeing another one.

I knew there was a reason this place is so green. It’s the humidity! It’s been raining here in Orlando. While it’s stopped and the clouds have parted showing the moon [it’s 1am]. It hasn’t dried out yet. Probably won’t till May. But it sure is pretty. Here at the Sygma warehouse, they have ways of keeping the drivers in line… They call him the ‘Enforcer’. [he has that Eastwood look].

Cute little guy!

This is a very long trailer with a very [very, very] heavy load!

My APU stopped working last night or tonight. Not sure why. I tried 6-7 times to restart it and it would run for 2 minutes then shut down. I had to run the engine for a few hours. Then I drove to the dock area and it fired right up. It’s working just fine now, maybe I won’t have to see the shop doc after all.

I’m really excited. I’m headed to Sarasota, FL later today for a couple of days of fun in the sun! [the forecast calls for a 20% chance of rain all weekend, but it should still be fun]. I’m hoping to get in some sailing, flyfishing the flats for bonefish and even a little surfing. In that order, so if I hurt myself surfing, I won’t ruin my ‘fun’ at sailing and fishing. It’s been a very long time since I had a ‘real’ time off and need the break. A 34hours reset doesn’t recharge the mind very well.

And I received my truck title and the copies of the check I needed for Landstar. Now they should have all the things they need to complete my app. I’m really hoping they can finish the process this week so I can head to Jacksonville and start with them without pulling another load for MCT.

Check out the colorful passenger I had coming out of MS the other morning. It’s really amazing how he got stuck in the grill like that without being damaged. Well, other than getting dead!

Mobile Bay, AL. A very long bridge. There are a couple of them in this area linked together. Today was clear but in a serious thunder storm you tend to stay awake. I drove slow!

Not sure where I’m headed to from here nor with whom. But will keep you posted. Hope everyone is doing well. The weather is really all over the place. Since leaving CA on Friday, I’ve had to use the heater in the morning and then the a/c in the afternoon. Then open the windows, with just the screens on, at night. I love the quiet of my real early morning drive time. I’ll leave the radio off and just listen to the hum of the tires, the purr of the engine and watch the darkness go by. The quiet is so refreshing, I find I’m still ‘listening’ to the nothingness an hour later. But then I turn on ‘the Message’ on Sirius for a few hours of encouragement and blessings to start my day. I usually collect an assortment of flying creatures, with and without stingers, when driving with the windows down. But I really like the fresh air blowing in my face and the wind in my hair. Always puts a smile on my face.

Enjoy your Indian summer, late summer or early fall. Collect the necessary leaves to make your season colorful.



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