this the line for patience?…

October 22, 2011

Not sure where but another pretty sunrise, the stat of another day given to us. Hope I used it wisely.

Ok, I found myself in the wrong line again. It’s happens repeatedly for me. For whatever reason, I always find myself doing something else when I should have been looking for the line giving out patience. And yet, I’ve started down another path, probably without enough patience again. This time it’s the one I knew I needed to follow that was going to let me decide where I was going and what it paid. Unfortunately, not all of those ‘wants’ are possible in the same load. However, now being leased to Landstar will give me the best opportunity to run this adventure the way I want to.

WOW, that’s not what [I understood] you said before [I signed on the dotted line]. Yes, I’ve heard that in my head before more then once. Much has happened since I last posted. There have been a lot of feel good days coupled with some deep valleys thrown in just to keep me focused. I’m still at it, headed along this path I choose. It’s been pretty rocky of late but I’m getting better at looking around so I miss most of the pot holes.

A storm’s running through NM, with dust and rain in the forecast.

I left MCT the last week in Sept. and joined Landstar. I was one of three learning some new stuff, and different ways of doing the old stuff. They are very serious about safety and driver logs being kept current and legal. IF they follow the game plan they’ve built their company from one can make some money. And of course everyone knows I’m real good at following other people’s game plans! But I’ll do my best to understand their methodology. It works for many, many people. And most owner operators are pretty independent [re: cowboys and cowgirls] to begin with. So, it’s up to me.

The cool thing is MCT took me from CA to Orlando, FL with a load. Just up the road is St. Augustine where Landstar starts new leasees. A nice load, not too heavy, running I10 west to east again was refreshing. With that said, the first week on the road with Landstar didn’t go real well. I had to head-dead 256miles just to get my first load. NO money paid there! And it didn’t pay real well to begin with. But I needed to get out of FL as there isn’t much freight coming out of there. The first load emptied out near San Antonio, TX where I figured there would be a lot of loads within 150 miles. Nope! It took a couple of days to find one out of there. It looked real good on paper. Paid $3.99 a mile but was only 113miles. Yet it would get me near Houston. And surely, there’ll be good freight out of Houston. Yet adding a 157mile dead-head to pickup the load dropped my money to the truck to $1.23 for the 113 mile trip. A couple of days later I found a load of copper from Chile, SA coming out of the Houston Port. While it was real heavy at 44,000#s, it was headed to north of Dallas. And Dallas/Ft Worth is a much better ‘lane’ then I10 is. And it’s better to get paid something then nothing.

A really, really big freighter unloaded the copper cores I’m taking to north of Dallas. Right now it’s sitting really high in the water as it’s empty.

Enjoy the weekend, it’ll change by morning.


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