in the APU shop again…

November 29, 2011

Wrote this on 11-23-11 and for whatever reason couldn’t publish it. Now it works…Oh well! enjoy.

And then there was the Lexington school load. Not on a main road, but a side street without any way of getting a truck and trailer into the area they wanted me in. Yet as most schools are designed, there are cars in places cars shouldn’t be, an island with a stop sign in its middle and many concrete dividers between parking areas. I started backing up the street towards my hopeful unloading area. As I neared the turn into my blind side around the concrete parking spot I knew I couldn’t avoid it. So, I stopped and lined up on one side of the street. They were not happy, thinking I should drive over the concrete parking spot and grass area. I told them I wasn’t going to damage my truck or trailer or the sewer cover I’d have to drive over. Seven hours later they finished and the paper work was signed. With a note I refused to back up into the driveway.

I picked up the FedEx load in Fairfield, OH the next evening. And it was a HazMat load going to Irving, TX. A HazMat load requires certain routes around major cities and I have to be sure the paperwork is in a certain place in the truck [which is different than where I normally do]. Doesn’t sound like much of a deal but I wasn’t a happy camper. When I accepted this load, I wasn’t told there’d be anything HazMat on it. And that was probably what caused me so much grief. For two days driving to TX. Then looking for the address of FedEx in Irving, I found out the load really was suppose to be delivered the next day. But I talked my way into dropping the trailer early.

I’m parked in the Landstar terminal which is a combination of dirt, rock and soft spots. Which when it’s wet the soft spots can shallow a truck. As we drive back and forth, turning right and left, in and out around the parking lot we ‘tear up’ the parking lot causing even more soft spots. Having been stuck in a soft parking lot I had to be pulled out of, I’m a little concerned about getting out of the very wet parking lot tomorrow. Only time will tell.

I’ve been 4 days without a working APU. Again every time the unit starts it runs for a couple of minutes then shuts down. Parked in front of the shop I started the unit a couple times and it didn’t start. Yet as soon as I pull into the shop bay the unit starts up and stays running. Long story short, the tech notices on starting the alternator runs up, then down before it runs up again and stays there. Like it coughs before it gets going. He convinces his boss the alternator should be replaced on a warranty. However, they won’t pay for the labor. As the shop has no ‘manager’ on duty [everyone somewhere else today] they have to call someone else. They call the Thermo King area rep to see if he’ll pay the labor. He does. Another blessing I so often forget about.

I pray we’ll all be safe this holiday season, using Thanksgiving to remember our blessings. Living in America we take everything we have for granted everyday. Today, look around your world where you can change someone’s life, if only for a day.


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