NOPE, not today. I’m on the Langley AF Base in Langley, VA and it is beautiful. Even never being in the service, I’m proud to see all the fighter planes on stands honoring our fighting men from wars gone by. Proud that this is home to the 1st Fighter group and the 192nd fighter group. It says a lot about all the men and women that have gone before to protect us, fighting for our freedom in the air. However, it must make many of these here sick to see the ‘shape’ the country is in with regards to preserving the American way of life.

Again, the sun coming up is a beautiful reminder that today is going to be another example of what we can look forward to. It’s always been a good time of day for me.

Only my opinion: IF the people I see around me taking physical tests are the current fighting machine we will take to battle, we are in very poor shape! Everyone had better buy a gun, lots of ammo and learn how to use it. I see 1 in 20 being in any kind of shape to run after bad guys, kneel down behind a wall to shoot a weapon, or even climb into a Jeep. Granted this is the Air Force….not the Army or Marines, but these are a sad group of ‘soldiers’. And many of them I’m told may be office personnel. Yet, as I was told by an officer, this is the ‘shape’ of the new Armed Services. Not the cream of the crop but these are volunteering for service and we’re taking them and they are doing their best to be ready to protect our way of life.

So, for those of you that have or are now serving in the military, I thank you for the work you do to keep me safe, for laying down you’re life everyday and for the many lives you’ve sacrificed.


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