in a heartbeat…

August 22, 2011

As usual my first picture will be of a …….. sunrise!!!! Big surprise there. The sunrise turns out OK in the picture but is so much more real and thus prettier in person. I see the various shades of light through the could cover. The sun is trying to break through and looks like a glowing red spark of fire blowing in the wind. The clouds cut it in half, causing the clouds to take on a glow all their own. It’s so cool, and changes constantly as I drive toward it. Probably because the angles that I see keep changing. And as the sun is growing higher in the sky, the cloud formations would be different. I just loving starting my day watching something man will never be able to reproduce. Notice the sun is just trying to break through the top section of the clouds. The next photo, same morning, watching the same sunrise; the dark clouds are hiding the top part of the sun, showing us only the glow of red between the clouds and the earth’s edge.

Sun rise again, check out the red fire ball just showing itself….

They are rebuilding a bridge in Park City, UT. And I had a short detour around it.

We all know our world can change in a heartbeat. Most of the time it has changed for the worst when we hear that phase. Most of us relate it to losing a loved one. Aside from a spiritual awakening, I’ve never experienced this type of change. I haven’t seen the movie ‘The Blind Side’ yet, and haven’t read the book. But I did just finish the story behind why the whole Tuohy family does what they do. The ‘why’ behind them stopping and talking to Michael that first day. It’s titled, In a Heartbeat. It’s an easy read and would probably change how you think about your ‘giving’. I know why the movie and book are titled as they are. However, don’t know why they titled this book as they did. I guess it’s because in only a heartbeat their life and Michael’s was changed forever.

The Mississippi River in MN.

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy. Because it will [I hope] change your life.

A really big Pheasant! A sign says it’s the world’s largest pheasant. And they should know as SD hunts more pheasants [they say] than any other place in the country. But then you’ve seen this photo before!

BUT have you been up close and personal with a windmill blade? ON a trailer? Going 70mph?

Hope everyone had a good summer. In some parts of the country it’ll be over soon and people will be wearing their coats, gloves and hats again. Take care.


August 14, 2011

and the rat died…

Pretty blue sky mixed with white billowy clouds, thunder heads, rain clouds as they slide over and around the mountains of UT.

So, enough with the strange writings. I was just writing what I was feeling, were ever it took me. It probably didn’t make ANY sense to the reader. And today, it may not even to me. But as I visualize it in my head and put it on paper, it makes perfect sense. There’s a message or meaning in the words. A story that’s deeper than the actual words we read. Some of it is supposed to be deeper than the usual meaning of the words. Like life, the meaning is a puzzle.

Pulling out of the truck stop in Jamestown, NM. I love the reflection of the mountains in the pool of water. I think it’s a drainage pond for the gas refinery behind me as I take the photo.

The End by Jim Morrison, The DOORS, 1967. It is a very strange song, with various meanings depending on where your head was at at the time. Or ‘on’ at the time. [But then I’ve never taken an illegal drug, so I really wouldn’t know!] Written in the tone of the 60’s during one of Jim’s many ‘dark’ periods. It can be very deep or just strange and meaningless.

I’ve seen sunsets and sunrises in half of the states. Winter and summer; fall and spring. I’ve seen them from both coasts, over the Gulf and even Canada. But day in and day out, Phx, AZ has the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen. Probably has a lot to do with the heat off the desert floor as it raises up to meet the moisture in the clouds as it blends together to filter out the sun.
Looking west and south towards South Mountain from Tolleson, AZ.

I think it strange for a Christian boy attending what he thought to be an upper-middle-class Baptist High School to be inspired by such a song. Part of a collection, is a poem titled ‘And the Rat Died’, probably written during Spanish or English class. I’m finding my granddaughter to have some of the same ‘dark’ bends to her writings. It could be a gene thing. Or maybe just the simple expressions of exploring our youth without a clear path to follow.

It’s raining in Fillmore, UT, about 167miles inside the UT border headed to Salt Lake City. The clouds are rolling in to cover the mountain tops. It was almost 100 before the rains came. Now it’s a wonderful 79. So much for the truck wash I got in CA yesterday.

I pulled a load of luncheon meats out of IA into West Phx last week. It was a load to get me home to test for a HazMat endorsement on my license. Yes, I passed. The TSA will run their background search on me and then issue me the stamp.

And I saw a couple I lived next door to in Goodyear. Good visit catching up on their world cruise and his health concerns. Didn’t get to see a couple of other people but maybe next time I will. Had dinner with my brother and his wife; time spent with family is always good. Our time left here may be short.

Errands to run, docs to see, a haircut, put together quarterly paperwork for my new accountant [mailed it], wash clothes and just driving around doing the errands is very time consuming. Spent 2 days just running around it seemed. Glad to get back on the road just to relax and get some sleep.

Headed to DeKalb, IL with a load from 3M in Ontario, Ca. Hope it’s not sandpaper! Not sure where I’ll go next.

Hope everyone is doing well.

you busy dyin’…

August 10, 2011

Again the clouds were beautiful, full of bright thunder heads grouped together as if ready to do battle. A mixture of blues make up the background. A dry Texas dirt is preparing to give footing for all those who are willing to cross it.

Friends shouldn’t be people we only miss after the connection is broken. They should be like a garden we’ve planted before standing in the middle taking in a most wonderful feeling. Almost like family but better. As you get to choose what you kind you want to plant and harvest.

Movies are like other people’s lives taking shape before us. As we wonder why life gets in the way of ours being the silver screen? The plays of Broadway seems like rehearsals for the time we count down daily. Which one of us could stand in the rain, singing and dancing without fear of rejection? Do we really have enough of what it takes? No matter how we play the game, or as many times we rerun the movie or watch the play, we run out of time.

As the play clock runs down to the last quarter, we begin to play with more energy. The last act waits to reveal how the story should make sense to us. And only when we’ve watched the movie for the fourteenth time do we understand where it was headed from the first screen.

Do we ever have enough of anything we really need or want? Those we think we are closest to, are too busy to be of much help. Let alone lend a helping hand without being asked. I’ve found friends are here for only a season of our lives. And yet it’s usually been really my fault. The island was built a very long time ago. Yet some are fortunate enough to have the same childhood friends 40 years late. It’s only when we have forgotten them do we miss them. Then through tears of remorse we wonder how to connect again. Yet all in vein.

Was it during our early years we develop how we would view the world? Are we influenced by something someone has done or said? And how did we choose that which is most important to us? What we realize as adults was simply basic youth conflicts, those we’ll battle for a lifetime. Or maybe that’s the age we decide how to face all that is against us. What battles to fight, which paths to take. Without knowing the where’s or how’s, we set our paths early on. Then forever wonder why we have chosen either. I bet most of us couldn’t explain to a stranger the why’s of the path we have walked. Or are we running along this path? As fast as we can, trying to stay just one step ahead of our own image? What would you say, where would you start? Are there flies on the wall for that conversion?

So, are we busy dying rather then living? Have we been running so fast, we’ve run out of time to smell the roses? Or did we never even see them? The process towards the end start the day we begin. We all start on the same page, and all end on the same page. And the story has always been between the pages. We have no choice in the matter. It’s been decided for us. Regardless of who or what you chose to believe in, the same questions are repeated. The same answers are given. Live a good and worthwhile life, do good toward others. Believe in Me and you will have everlasting life.
Regardless of when or if you’ve decided, the simply act of living our lives is full of roadblocks, detours, valley and mountain tops. Choked full of being pulled this way and pushed that way. In the end, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Sadness, pure joy, ecstasy, happiness and the simple act of feeling alive are all feelings we’re allowed.

We talk about our ’dreams’, those things we want to do, those important to us. I asked my son this week if he has dreams. Did he have a plan to fulfill his dreams? Did he have a ‘bucket list’ he should be starting on? But a plan is not enough because there is a clock of our lives that’s always ticking. A ‘couple’ friends of mine, are fulfilling theirs and so are some of you.

Let me suggest you stop long enough to tell someone you haven’t talked to in awhile that you’re glad you’re friends. Maybe tell someone the ‘why’ of why you love them. Make time for someone this week, maybe a total strange. You may be the only person to show them a caring heart this week. Your heart will be full when you share it with someone.

Whose time is almost up? Whose curtain call will you miss? Will your name be in their movie credits?

Or as Andy said …get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’

Yes, this is the sun just coming up over the hills. Don’t remember where it was but probably in KY or TN.

But are you wet? I’m in South Carolina, it’s 104 and raining!!!! Three days later I’m in KC, MO and it’s 112 and dry as Phx usually is, 12%. Right now, in a DOT inspection scale yard east of KC, MO with an ‘Out of Service’ trailer, waiting for a repair truck. The air bags that hold the rear of the trailer up were not working correctly, meaning they were flat. Not good! You might be asking, how did you not know they were flat? Well, I did, kinda. I evened out the weight in Dalton, GA Monday night. The truck was bouncing a little more than normal, as they will sometimes. Meaning the load is a little heavier in the rear. But it wasn’t real bad. Then this morning I noticed the air bags were very low during my walk-around inspection. There was nothing I could do at that time except call a road service to repair them. But knowing the company, they would have wanted me to simply take it to one of our yards for repairs. That would have cost me a lot of time. Time and travel I’m not paid for. So I risked taking it to the drop off point and let the company fix it from that point. Without me. Usually no big deal, as I usually get ‘green’ lighted’ thru the scales. But not this time. At a DOT inspection point, it’ll get fixed here, faster because the road service is usually more knowledgeable. Yes, I’m waiting but I’ll rearrange my trip, spend the night right here and leave in the morning.

SO much water everywhere. I was still having to take detours 10 days after I last reported. This was taken just the other day and still the highways are a mess. Poor farmers.

The really good thing is my truck was inspected at the same time and it passed!!!! One always thinks their vehicle is in good working order, but do we really ever know? While I look it over every morning, knowing me, there’s probably something I missed. But not this time. Or at least not today.

Headed to Omaha, NE with a load of carpet to drop about noon on Wednesday. Not sure after that. I’m in a ‘discussion’ with my fleet manager about getting me a load thru Phx. I need to get my HazMat endorsement. I’ve found that those companies that are paying more require it. I’m looking to move again. I have to find a company where I can keep more of the freight bill and fuel surcharge that is paid. I have a couple of companies in mind that are well thought of but all require the HazMat.

Please be praying for Tom and Chrissy. His dad had a massive stroke last week and wasn’t doing well. He was going to Hospice care last time I spoke with Chrissy.

Aaron has finished his Masters in Business Administration and Ethic from Southern Nazarene University in OKC. He completed his BS in Business in May of ’09. So he’s really been working his butt off improving his education. And he changed jobs in the middle of the Masters. Both degrees were from brick and motor colleges rather than ‘paper mills’. From experience I know this will pay off for him in the long run. I couldn’t be more proud of what’s he’s accomplished.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The weather’s been pretty hot and it’s raining in a lot of places, but hey, you wouldn’t want it to be snowing in July would you?

it was so funny….

July 26, 2011

Sunset over Sidney, NE, about 125 miles east of Cheyenne, WY. And I cleaned the windshield but you’d never know it from the ‘love-bugs’ on it.

Just watched the movie, What About Bob and laughed through the whole thing. It fits my sense of humor.

Park City, UT, sunrise. A hot air balloon is up early flying over the mountains into Salt Lake City. It came right over the freeway. I thought for a minute it was going to land on the road.

In Bereshford, SD tonight, waiting to unload in the morning. Have a load of plastic bottles they’ll recycle into drainage hose that farmers use under their fields to help with drainage. It’s also used in football fields, parks, etc, anywhere they want to drain water away from something. I picked it up in SoCal on late Friday afternoon.

I didn’t have to sit anytime at all after unloading in SoCal. It was another successful load of sandpaper from 3M waiting to go to your local Home Depot.

This is a pretty long trailer, 12 axles, 8 tires per axle. Probably carries 275 or 300,000#’s. My truck can carry 80k. It had a puller truck and a pusher truck. It hinges in 6 places.

The truck is rolling smooth and straight after having the tires trued and front end aligned in Rock Springs, WY last week.

The Mississippi River was flooding and they flooded the farms north of Omaha. This sand bags were keeping the water from flooding the highway. Where were 2 bridges out in Omaha and my detour was 50miles around. One farm house had been built way above the surrounding farm land but when the land was flooded, it cut off access to the house. It looked pretty funny, an island in the middle of a ‘lake’ with a house on it.

And I have a P/P for tomorrow. I pick up a load of turkey meat going to Louis Rich in Newberry, SC for Friday.

Another beautiful morning sun rise. The left over storm clouds from the night before. Love the way the morning sun reflected on the higher clouds and show cased the darker rain clouds behind them.

More tire problems. It seems to be a never ending bottomless pit of late. And I really don’t have any idea on what might be the problem. I had a front tire cupping on the outside edge. I flipped the tire around on itself and drove another 6-7000 miles. I had the front end looked at by an International dealer and was told everything looked OK. Not wanting to have a blow-out, I had the tire replaced on Monday morning. Bridgestone will take the old damaged tire and determine what is the problem and if it’s a defective tire, will refund some amount towards the new tire I bought. I’m not holding my breathe. The tire place [GCR] also looked at the front end and agreed everything looked OK.

I’m still not happy with the ride or amount of vibration coming out of the front end. So I took it into a Bridgestone dealer this morning in Rock Springs, WY. I have to find out what’s going on and get it repaired. As I talked with the shop foreman, I saw where the tires weren’t round on the rims, as we spun them on the hub, they moved up and down. This would account for some of the vibration. They took off the Centamatics I had on the front. They removed the balancing weights from each tire, and remounted the steers. Then they rotated all 10 tires, side to side. After that they trued the steers on the hubs, cutting off strips of tire so they are now round. Next it was a trip to the alignment station. They examined the 3-axle alignment I had done 45000 miles ago. Thankfully it was all pretty good. They made a couple of minor changes and called it finished.

I haven’t had a trailer under it yet but on the 15 miles I’ve driven it is much smoother and rides a lot nicer.

Of course, my day couldn’t end there. As I was fueling before hooking up to the trailer to leave, I noticed I had a small crack in one of the rubber radiator hoses. The radiator cap appears to be leaking and probably should be replaced. I went to a semi repair shop and they don’t have parts for an International. And neither does any other shop in Rock Springs. The closest one is in Salt Lake City, some 250 miles away. I ordered it to come in tomorrow [Thursday].

This is where I delivered the sugar dust Sunday from the gum factory. It was a mess. But there were no bugs, anywhere, and I would have thought there would have been. The boxes in the photo are the actual cardboard containers the plastic bags of sugar dust were packed in.

I then went back to the trailer and got out the pop-rivet gun I bought to repair the side cargo door. But the tool is broken, it has a working part that is broken or installed wrong. Thus it won’t ‘pop the rivet’ as it should. Back to the repair shop to have them repair the door but their ‘gun’ is missing. I went to buy another tool and it was $95 from Car Quest. I passed. I then went to Home Depot and they had 3 different styles of them. I bought the ‘best’ one. Outside I tried to repair the door and found I have the wrong size rivets. Need very large [round] ones. I returned the tool. And will go to Peterbilt in the morning to see if they can repair my door.

The storm clouds over Cheyenne as I rolled into town. It rained and dropped the temp to 65. Next morning it was 55 when I left, about 430am.

It’s been one of those days. And then my new accounting company called that my mail is still being returned to them. It’s also going back to my leasing company. Oh, well, tomorrow promises to be better. The good thing is I did take an hour walk in the beautiful sunshine of Rock Springs. It was 75 at noon today here.

And I was really hoping to be in LA tomorrow! Guess not now. But, Honey, how was your day?

While walking to the ninth hole, one psychiatrist said to his colleague, ‘Would you believe that yesterday I had a patient who claimed he heard music every time he put on his hat on?’

‘Really? What did you do?’ asked his colleague.

The first psychiatrist answered. ‘I took it away and removed the band!’

I think this is really funny…but then …

Coming up over Paducah, KY, the morning welcoming sun is trying to fill the Saturday sky. It’s about 75 degrees and wet, about 85% humidity. You can almost see the heat waves mixed with the wetness in the photo.

I’ve been pretty busy of late. Had a couple of back to back runs after sitting in Ontario having the A/C repaired. Now I’ll lose a day having the tire/front end checked. But I can’t take the chance of having a blow-out in the truck at 65 and will need to have any problem corrected.

I also bought season 6 of the TV show MacGyver! Wouldn’t everyone have loved to be him at one time of another!?! Well, almost everyone would love to…someone I’m pretty close to probably doesn’t even know who I’m talking about! TV has changed sooooooooooooooo much, it’s almost laughable what we enjoyed back then.

Running down the road in a lite mist I found little tiny lights flying towards me. Fireflies, lighting up the evening sky. Not so you could use the light, only see the results. I remember the kids collecting them while we lived in FL in the late ‘70’s.

A long nose ‘39 Lincoln made to look like a semi-truck. Built in Canada, it started out as a ’54 Peterbilt and has an ’85 drive line. Painted a gloss gun metal silver, it really looks like an old Lincoln town car.

One of the steer tires I bought in April is going bad, cupping real bad. I’ll have it looked at in MN on Monday. Hopefully, nothing will be wrong with the front end of the truck. I had a 3-axle alignment done in April when I bought the tires. Something else to replace…

A sunrise over NM. A few storm clouds added for color.

The upper mid-west is still under water. A few roads are still closed and I’ve had to detour around a flooded bridge or road. Or maybe detour around the whole freeway like in LA this weekend.

Sunset over northeastern Iowa while it as raining on my way to south of Chicago.

Storm clouds and rain in Flagstaff. The snow is gone but still we see God’s handy-work in the form of a double rainbow. The other half of the second rainbow is really hard to see, yet it was there. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I was broke down for the night in St. Joe, MO. having a starter replaced for the second time this year, which was under warranty. They found a problem with the key switch and that was replaced as was the starter relay. Of course they weren’t covered under any warranty!

I’m hauling 38k#s of dust to a pet food maker in MN. They’ll add it to the feed for cattle, sheep and family pets. Not just cheap feed but also good stuff, like Science Diet, I was told. Oh, the dust comes from a factory making something we all have tasted and some of us enjoy everyday…

Driving into Atlanta Thursday afternoon, I saw what had to be the modern version of taking the roosters to market. In the current situation we find ourselves in, some people are doing whatever they have to as they make ends meet. However, they may also be on their way to a cock-fight!

The same set of storms that blew thru so many towns in the south, went thru the country side northwest of Atlanta, and it takes everything in its path.

No, my shaver is not broken, thought I needed a new look. Think I’ll keep the new look for awhile, I kinda like it!

I hope everyone is doing well, your summer full of fun and family. Maybe a vacation or two over one of the summer holidays. I hope you enjoyed the photos. To really enjoy a fresh, refreshing summer dessert, try adding a ‘dusting’ of sugar from some Wrigley’s gum.

The sun coming up, promising us another day…

Mannix, the forefather of ALL great TV cops and robber shows. I remember staying up and watching a show while waiting for Chrissy to join us! I bought the second season at WallyWorld last week. Watching these old shows is really funny. The clothes, cars, gun fights and wounds without blood or even bullet holes. It puts a smile on my face of simpler times, polite people and promises that all is right with our world. Except the ‘bomb’ was always there in the back ground.

Just a pretty cloud formation….

The last couple of weeks have been busy. I’ve been from coast to coast and back again. Then up to MN before heading back to SoCal again. One of these trips I’ll actually run through the house and collect my mail and see a few old friends.

The ghost in my dash has been asleep for a few days. I busted my butt driving into LA to drop a day early so I could get my windshield replaced again and have my APU looked at. The APU is fine, the windshield is clear and I have a full 70 hours on my clock. And once ready to roll and having a load to MO, my A/C decides to stop working. Which is where I’m waiting to have it repaired. They say tomorrow, tomorrow. Sounds like there could be a song in there somewhere.

Outside Cheyenne, WY. Looks like a mushroom cloud. Hanks God it’s not!

Oh, no, it looks like Mannix is in over his head. His client is turning out to be the bad guy…and he’s always getting shot at.

Ever see a bee actually stopped in flight? Buzzing outside your car?

Through the dirty windshield you can see the beauty of the morning sun coming up just north of Park City, UT

OK, let’s think about this for a minute. I’m on an overpass in SoCal 9am Monday morning. I’m waiting to get into a left turn lane, and follow the Western Express truck onto the freeway. The truck on my left is turning onto the freeway, going in the opposite way. He’s also waiting to enter the turning lane. There’s a white van in the center of the picture, to the right of the Western truck and a blue truck with a flatbed. He is trying to get around a stopped car that is properly waiting to get through the light. However, the white box van is blocking the intersection. Why, you ask? Because he forced his way into the intersection, hoping to complete his turn. But because the traffic going the opposite direction is also stopped, he couldn’t complete his turn. The blue flatbed was next to me but is trying to jump ahead of everyone else. The smaller stake bed truck is trying to follow him through the light. In the picture looking through the side mirror, notice the white truck with a black trailer that’s turning from the freeway. He also tried to force his way onto the street but couldn’t because there’s no place for him or anyone else to go. We sat here through 3 lights! I was literally laughing my head off! These stupid people, trying to get one car ahead only to be stopped for 20 minutes. Serves them right!! And this is one of several reasons I hate SoCal and why I left almost 40 years ago. Finally, someone apparently got moved and everyone was able to get out of the log jam. It was funny!

Out of SoCal with a load of A/C testing equipment I picked up in Camarillo, CA. Having to come into SoCal is really getting trying and takes more and more work on my part to do it with a smile. Driving in SoCal averages 45mph. And when you get paid by the mile I’m losing 1/3 of what I’d make on the open road. It takes so long to get anywhere, Monday it took 6 hours to go 270miles. There’s so much traffic and no one wants to be behind me, so they’re cutting in and out around me. Lots of brake usage. And most of the cars have broken turn signals, even the new ones. Someone should start a shop repairing only turn signals. They’d be swamped with customers! And the freeways are a mess. Interstate 40 east of Barstow. The freeway repairs aren’t any better. Maybe in a [good] car they’re not noticeable but in a semi, sometimes I get bounced out of my seat. Thank God for seatbelts.

And did I mention everyone is in such a hurry…just to sit longer at the next red light.

I take this to Maple Grove, MN. It’s a testing unit, one test it determines is the amount of air flow through a evp cooler used in geo-thermo heating and cooling. I was told it did many other things, too.

The load is really light. It was suppose to be 30k#’s but is only about half that. Better for me, better fuel mileage and the truck doesn’t have to work as hard.

Just a really big grass-hopper. I bet George would have paid big money for this one! Maybe a nickel….

Bees on the move to a new home…someone couldn’t make the payments…

UT was really pretty, snow still on the peaks. And from I80 in WY I can see that CO still has a lot of snow on the high peaks. And the wind is blowing up here but it’s pushing me east rather then working against me.

This is a sliding weight sleigh used in tractor pulls. The further the sleigh is pulled, the weight is transferred, causing it weight more. moved forward and weights more! Tractor pulls are really cool. Check out your local county fair and they’re probably there.

‘sheep-boys’ herding the sheep

I’ve still got my ‘ghost’. It caused the dials to spin this morning before I even put the truck in gear! Then it would correct itself. But did it a couple of times before I got back on the highway. Yesterday it did it a lot. I just continued to drive, it always corrected itself. It’s not giving a ‘fault’ report, which is a good thing. I’m looking for a special gel to spear on the EMC connection on the firewall. Hopefully that’ll fix it.

I’m in Sidney, NE near the WY border on I80, at WallyWorld for the night. It’s raining, lightning with some thunder. Oh, how much fun is that!!! Think I’ll pop some pop-corn.

Happy July 4th everyone, be safe.

There’s a storm brewin’ and it’s lookin’ pretty mean…

Just as crazy as your days are. And they’re just as boring some time. The last 3 weeks I’ve been to SoCal twice, been to Atlanta twice, the Twin Cities once, Omaha a couple of times, Mobile on the Gulf Coast and so many points in between. The sun comes up and then goes down no matter where I am. Funny how that works.

Guess where I am? Hint – It’s on one of the coasts.

I’m headed back to CA as we speak. I picked up a 3M load in Hutchinson, MN. I left Atlanta last Tuesday and emptied out this morning, 6/23. And was given a preplan right away. Which is how it should work every time. I talked with the Director of Operation last week about some of the issues I have with how things are done. It was a good conversation and it felt good to get those things out in the open. At least I felt he was listening!

Very old, narrow metal bridge crossing the Mississippi near Cairo, IL, crossing into KY.

Yesterday, 6/23, was scary. My dashboard gauges developed a ‘ghost’. That’s when the dial start to go around in circles, back and forth or run backwards. In my case they when around once and stopped at the bottom of the dial. Not a good thing! After seeing dollar signs flash before my eyes, I immediately stopped to check things out. The water temp, oil pressure, tach and speedo were acting up. I checked the water and it was OK. The oil was a little low so I added some. Everything else seemed OK and as it should be. I took off and about a mile down the road it happened again.

Some of the damage in Joplin, MO. Whole sections of this hill were missing. I didn’t get downtown where the twister slowly rolled down main street. I was told it looked like an egg beater was used and took everything with it.

This cloud formation looks so surreal. Can you find the animal in it?

This time the warning lights wouldn’t go off when I started the engine. I resat the ECM with 5quick turns of the key. It took 4 times before everything worked as it should. Leaving again, a said a quick prayer and moved into traffic. About 2 miles the road it happened again. This time I put out my red warning signs and waited for the engine to cool off. Nice the weather was about 65degrees and cloudy. After getting things started again everything seemed to be going good. About 30 minutes into this part of the afternoon, the dials went around a couple of times and before I could get stopped they went back to where they were suppose to be. Then about 15mintues later they did it again. I just kept right on cruising down the road and they straighten out.

Some pictures around the T/S just east of Cheyenne tonight.

Can you believe how clear LA is in the photo above? Blue skies, white clouds and it’s the middle of the afternoon, Monday, 6/13.

Who knows what’s going on. A friend had a company truck do the same thing for a while and every time he took it to the shop noting could be found to be causing it. Nor could they find a record on the ECM that anything had gone wrong. So, I think I wait until something really does go wrong before I take it to a shop and spent several hundred $$$ looking for something they probably won’t find. I admit I hear noises, smells and feel things that cause me to worry something is going to go wrong. Probably the price one pays when they are paying the repair bills.

A couple of very old churches in Cairo, IL.

I’m in Cheyenne, WY right now. It’s real pretty with the rain clouds hanging just off where the mountains and valley intersect. I had to take the trailer to get its annual DOT inspection. Put me a hour behind but it’ll all work out. I’m actually in a T/S tonight and it’s noisy. The weather is cool enough to leave the windows down but with all the diesels running, one can’t hear themselves think. So, I’m running the a/c.

Hope everyone is ready with their fireworks, the big day is next weekend. I wonder how many people really don’t know what July 4th means? Do you? Be care and enjoy…

The sandpaper will be in Ontario Sunday afternoon ready to go hang on the hangers of your local hardware store. Please, go buy some, you know you’ll need it soon. I can always bring more!