be careful what you ask for…

September 24, 2010

I love the look of fingers pointing down towards the earth, showing us the way down the road we’re suppose to be on. I’m looking for road blocks.

It’s Sept. 19 and I’m tried. I’ve been up and on the road by 5am the last 5 days! And find myself still driving at past my logged time. As my sister asked me, Are you still able to drive safely after that much time? Ya, I can but I’d rather be parked and eating dinner before then! I wanted to be busier but I have a few things to learn as I manage this part of my adventure.

And I’ve been pushing it. Got to Dallas last Sat., sat three days before picking up a load for Langley AFB in Hampton, VA for a Friday delivery. now I’m waiting in St. Louis, MO with a heavy load of fiberboard to deliver tomorrow morning. This load was so heavy my average speed was 44mph and my fuel mileage is about 4.7mpg. Yet I got 8.86mpg on the load going to Langley. So the averaged is 6.78mph which is a good run. Thank goodness for averages.

I just love sunsets and sunrises…’s another example.

Heading over the bridge going into Hilton Head Island, SC. I saw guys waiting to launch ‘flats’ to go fishing the flats near here. I do wish I could have joined them. It looked they were going to have fun.

Well, that load is finally off the truck and I’m picking up children’s furniture, you know the small stuff that little kids sit on! It’s really cute. And the trailer load is only 9000#s. Going to Beaufort, SC, near Hilton Head, SC.

Well it sure is beautiful here. But then again it’s also hot and sticky. Yet, the kids stuff was an easy run, get it off the trailer and get ready for another load. However, the place won’t unload me till 9am and I’m early. Went to find a NAPA store, need to buy a fuse for the inverter. Not sure why it blew but I used the microwave and had the refrigerator plugged in at the same time. Guess that was enough! I changed headlights and these are much brighter then the older ones. I changed both sides and can see the road more clearly now. I know, that’s probably a good thing.

It’s Thursday and I’m still waiting for a load. I logged a 34hr reset, so I have a new 70 hour clock. Now all I need is a place to go with a load of freight. I can’t move my 5th wheel and that makes it hard to scale over 43500#s. And many of the load require scaling over 44000#. I’ll probably have to have an air system installed so I can move my 5th wheel. [The 5th wheel is the large metal plate with a notch in the back the trailer king pin fits into and locks. An air system will allow this 5th wheel to be slid back and forth in an effort to transfer the weight from the drive wheels on the truck to the wheels on the trailer or the steering wheels in front.]

Just got a load going to Middletown, CT. It gets me out of SC but I’m not sure being above NY in CT will be any better to get freight out of on Monday. We’ll see. This is what I mean by learning this part of the business. Where IS the freight?

A friendly grasshopper on the windshield while I was sitting in the truck stop in ST. Louis, MO.

Hope everyone is well, having the last bit of fun for the summer. I just met a couple in the rest area going to central FL for the winter!
They are moving south for the winter already…


This is a very long bridge over the bay coming out of Langley AFB in VA headed towards Dansville, VA.

Sunset in Dallas about 7:45pm and it was still hot! The heat from the earth is being reflected into the sky and looks to be causing the color change and distort the shape of the sun. I’m not sure if that’s correct but I thought it made for a really cool picture.


One Response to “be careful what you ask for…”

  1. Jordan Book said

    Heck of sunset in Dallas! Can’t wait to see you some time soon!

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